Corporate iPlan

Corporate iPlan

Corporate iPlan is available at discounted price compare to Individual plan. In the Corporate iPlan, access of all features of Insolvency Module and/or Debt Recovery Module will be available. Apartfrom this, change/remove/add sub-account(s) option is also available(subject to maximum limits of nos. of users). You can increase nos. of users accordingly size of your firm just paying additional charges. The plan is valid for one year.

Additional benefits in the Corporate Plan:

  • Email Newsletters to each user: We will send regular updates in email to all users(subject to maximum limit). You can add additional 5 email addresses of your firm’s employee/partners without any extra charges.
  • Separate WhatsApp Group: In Corporate Plan, your team will also be able to see regular updates. A separate WhatsApp group will be created for your firm in which other members of your firm’s staff/trainee/employee/partners can be added. We will send regular updates excerpt in this WhatsApp Group with access link of full post for easy access.
  • Monthly Case Laws Compilation: You will receive monthly case laws compilation in PDF and you will also be able to access past monthly Case Laws compilations. No additional charges for past compilation.
  • Conducts Webinar: You may conduct Webinar on Insolvency/Debt Recovery topic in association with IBC Laws. We may circulate in our WhatsApp Groups, refer Webinar Page.
  • Priority of publication of your article: If you send articles and publication for publishing on IBC Laws, subject to our Submission Guidelines, we provide space for all articles of your firm in one place. You will be able to search your all articles using your Firm’s name or author’s name in search features.

Contact now for Corporate iPlan

For more enquiry such as price, nos. of users etc. please email to or WhatsApp to +91 9577994433.

Managing Sub-accounts as the Corporate iPlan holder

After you subscribes for corporate plan, you will be able to see a new link option at : Go to Login/Logout Menu > User Dashboard > Account page > Subscriptions tab. This link option is called “Sub Accounts” and will look like this for you as the corporate member:

Clicking on that link “Sub-Accounts” will reveal the corporate account information for that subscription like the image below:

X of X Sub Accounts Used – Here, the user will see how many of their allocated sub-accounts have been used. An example may be: 10 of 20 Sub Accounts Used.


Add Sub Account: – Clicking button ” Add Sub-Account” will reveal a form with the following details: 

Guide to add new user/sub-account:

  • Existing Username: You as the corporate user can use this entry form to put the username of an existing user on site to add that user under their corporate membership. The field does not support entry of the user’s email, or move an existing user if they are currently associated with another corporate account. 

– OR –
(under this header, your corporate user can use the entries to create a new IBC Laws user to be added under their account)

  • Username: (Required) Used to enter the username that will be associated with the sub-account. Please note that usernames cannot be changed once submitted, so it’s important that this is entered correctly. 
  • Email: (Required) Enter the email to be associated with the sub-account. The new members welcome email will be sent to this email if that option is enabled below.
  • First Name: (Optional) Used to enter the first name of the user as needed. 
  • Last Name: (Optional) Used to enter the last name of the user as needed. 
  • Send NEW members the welcome email: (Optional) Check the checkbox next to this option to send the sub-account Welcome Email with user guide.


Other Features: 

Search Sub Accounts – You as the Corporate account can use this search bar to search for sub-accounts in the table below it instead of manually searching each page. For best results, search by username or email. 

Sub Accounts table – Here, you as the corporate account user will be able to see all sub-accounts associated with their Corporate Account. The table will show the sub-account’s username, email, first name, last name, and also give the option to manually remove any sub-accounts with the “Remove” link next to each entry. 

Export Sub Accounts – Clicking on this option just below the sub-accounts table will export all sub-accounts associated with the Corporate Account user.

Signup URL – This is a simple URL that the Corporate Account user can copy and send to anyone they would like to subscribe under their membership. Use the clipboard icon to easily copy it.

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