General Clauses Act, 1897 – Section wise Bare Act

The General Clauses Act, 1897


Section-1 Short title
Section-2 Repeal

General Definitions

Section-3 Definitions of the General Clauses Act 1897
Section-4 Application of foregoing definitions to previous enactments.
Section-4A Application of certain definitions to Indian Laws

General Rules of Construction

Section-5 Coming into operation of enactments.
Section-5A Coming into operation of Governor-General’s Act
Section-6 Effect of repeal.
Section-6A Repeal of Act making textual amendment in Act or Regulation
Section-7 Revival of repealed enactments
Section-8 Construction of references to repealed enactments
Section-9 Commencement and termination of time
Section-10 Computation of time
Section-11 Measurement of distances
Section-12 Duty to be taken pro rata in enactments
Section-13 Gender and number
Section-13A References to the Sovereign

Powers and Functionaries

Section-14 Powers conferred to be exercisable from time to time
Section-15 Power to appoint to include power to appoint ex officio
Section-16 Power to appoint to include power to suspend or dismiss
Section-17 Substitution of functionaries
Section-18 Successors
Section-19 Official chiefs and subordinates

Provisions as to Orders, Rules, etc., made under Enactments

Section-20 Construction of orders, etc., issued under enactments
Section-21 Power to issue, to include power to add to, amend, vary or rescind notifications, orders, rules or bye-laws
Section-22 Making of rules or bye-laws and issuing of orders between passing and commencement of enactment
Section-23 Provisions applicable to making of rules or bye-laws after previous publication
Section-24 Continuation of orders, etc., issued under enactments repealed and re-enacted


Section-25 Recovery of Fines
Section-26 Provision as to offences punishable under two or more enactments
Section-27 Meaning of service by post
Section-28 Citation of enactments
Section-29 Saving for previous enactments, rules and bye-laws
Section-30 Application of Act to Ordinances
Section-30A Application of Act to Acts made by the Governor-General
Section-31 Construction of references to Local Government of a Province

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