How to find aright judgments for your query on IBC

How to find aright judgments for your query on IBC

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Generally people ask lots of queries in Insolvency Bulletin WhatsApp groups on various aspects in respect to newly acted Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. We are sharing some of well techniques which are helpful in your Insolvency practice as well as reduce your valuable time in net-browsing.

1. Stop searching every question in Search Engine:

This is our habit to search every question of mind in Search Engine and after typing the same query in nos. of style, we will finally reach the nearest answer of our query but we know that this is not a exact answer. Don’t use this habit in IBC because IBC is a newly introduced Code and the whole act is based on some initial sections which are available in every case laws or contents. For example, if you search case laws on admission or rejection of application filed u/s 7 or 9 then exact results of your query will not be shown because google results based on the section 7 or 9 whereas almost all case laws from Section 7 to 32 contained the same section 7 or 9 because CIRP can not be initiated without sec. 7, 9 or 10. So,  Search Engine will list all case laws of CIRP and these are useless for your query.

Than what should we do?

First save your time in searching every query on Google because time is very important as say under Section 12 of the IBC. Firstly, we have created a Tool “IP Assistant Tool” where we simply listed all important links which are using your day to day work. Say, if you want to access IBBI login portal, one click redirect you at exact URL instead of click on 3-4 links to reach at IBBI login portal and save your time.

Quick access daily in your browser, book mark it.


In the digital era you need to work like a smart professional. For this, if you need to learn some new techniques, try it because using new techniques at work place, you will increase your work efficiency in the digital era.

Now, we are at our topic, how to find right judgments to solve your query or say how to find quick answer for a problem, simply instead of asking the query at various source follow these steps:

  • Step-I: Click on Case Laws in IP Tool or remember this link:
  • Step-II: Select the query subject using “Subject Matter” or select “Section wise Cases” from parameters.
  • Step-III: Scroll down, the function will list all case laws related to your query.
  • Step-IV: To filter more, select Tribunal/Court/Bench etc.

Important: We have listed related all case laws in one page at IBC Commentary for specific queries like Moratorium under IBC, withdrawal the application, time limit u/s 12 etc. If your query related to content provided in the Commentary, read the commentary instead of searching here. Link:

If don’t know anything, search in “Search bar” given on top the function. It will provide you all relevant contents like case laws, articles, opinion etc. related to your query. It will give you fantastic results.


3. Change from Bare act books to amended section function

Now, it’s time to shift from searching bare section, regulations and rules in Books or in saved PDFs to online trustable contents.

For those people who like to read only bare acts, regulations and rules, we provide simplified and one click quick search amended section function at, where you can search your section just typing section no.

For regulations, you can access here Although  we have discussed about IP Assistant Tool, if you bookmark the IP Tool, these all links available in IP tool where you don’t need to save every link, just bookmark or remember URL of IP Tool which is very simple URL.

4. Convert your Online time on social media to in Learning time:

Yeah, we know you are very busy and a professional person but still you are wasting daily a few minutes from 1440 minutes (24×60) in scrolling social media in your mobile. No..No… we are not stopping you from this but we are adding a small point to convert this time into knowledge update time, please like or follow only those pages or profiles where trustable contents is shared, simultaneously, you need to unfollow blogs/pages which are only give a sight of entertainment, no value added.

We are not aware about other pages but for Insolvency Practitioners, sure we can say that if you follow  these profiles/pages, we provide trustable content alongwith full contents:

6. Subscribe limited email-newsletters:

Most of people when open the email at office in morning, found specially on Monday, lots of unread mails in the Inbox. Stop to subscribe irrelevant blogs or free newsletter who are spamming your inbox as well as ping you any time without thinking about your valuable time. But, the emails which provide you quality and limited frequency, you may enjoy its contents.

We are as a service provider in Insolvency field, recommending here some services which are definitely improved your knowledge as well update you from the current insolvency issues:

  1. Join Insolvency Bulletin on WhatsApp and enjoy discussion with same qualified professionals
  2. List your name in Telephone Directory which pool the Insolvency Professionals, Registered Valuers and Insolvency Lawyers.
  3. Subscribe IBC Laws Newsletter.

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