Masking Hiding of Aadhaar & PAN Number(s) – Goa RERA Circular F.No: 3/RERA/Off.Matters/2019/384 dated 30.07.2020

Goa Real Estate Regulatory Authority
Department of Urban Development
Government of Goa

F.No: 3/RERA/Off.Matters/2019/384

Date: 30.07.2020


Sub: – Masking /Hiding of Aadhar & PAN Number(s)

It has been observed by the Goa RERA (Authority) that some Real estate promoters/ developers and Real estate agents have been uploading in the Goa RERA web portal, certain documents, such as, Sale Deed, Agreement for Sale, etc. without hiding / masking the Aadhar number(s) and PAN number(s) of persons entered in such document for the purpose of registration of Real Estate Projects & Real Estate Agents.

2. The Goa RERA in consultation with the Goa Electronics Ltd. (GEL) has identified certain cases and advised concerned persons to withdraw such documents and upload with the fresh copy hiding/ masking both Aadhar and PAN number(s) as it is not possible to hide/ mask in the web portal.

3. In the light of the above, Goa RERA advises all promoters/ developers of real estate projects and all real estate agents to ensure the following:

(a) The Promoters/ Developers and Real Estate Agents review their web page, and take follow up action to withdraw and upload with fresh copy hiding/ masking both Aadhar and PAN number(s) immediately.

(b) All Promoters / Developers & Real Estate Agents who are applying for new registration with Goa RERA to upload relevant documents after hiding/ masking Aadhar & PAN number(s).

4. This is issued with approval of the Competent Authority.


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