Transfer and posting of NCLT Members, Order dated 17.08.2023

File No: 09/01/2023-NCLT

CGO Complex, Block – 3, 6th Floor,
New Delhi – 110 003

Date: – 17/08/2023


In exercise of the powers conferred under Rule 15A (2) of National Company Law Tribunal (Salary, Allowances and other Terms and Conditions of Service of President and other Members) Rules 2015 and in consultation as required under Rule 15A (4), Hon’ble President, NCLT is pleased to order transfer and posting of the following Members of NCLT: –

1 Justice (Retd.) T Krishnavalli Member (J) NCLT, Bengaluru NCLT, Kochi
2 Dr. Patibandla Satyanarayana Prasad, Member (J) NCLT, New Delhi NCLT, Chandigarh
3 Shri H.V. Subba Rao Member (J) NCLT, Mumbai NCLT, Guwahati
4 Shri Satya Ranjan Prasad Member (T) NCLT, Cuttack NCLT, Guwahati
5 Shri Sameer Kakar Member (T) NCLT, Chennai NCLT, Ahmedabad
6 Ms. Anuradha Sanjay Bhatia Member (T) NCLT, Mumbai NCLT, Amravati
7 Shri Shyam Babu Gautam Member (T) NCLT, Mumbai NCLT, Kochi
8 Shri L.N. Gupta Member (T) NCLT, New Delhi NCLT, Chandigarh
9 Shri Subrata Kumar Dash Member (T) NCLT, Chandigarh NCLT, New Delhi


2. Orders for joining of Shri L.N. Gupta, Member (T) (S1. No.8) and Shri Subrata Kumar Dash, Member (T) (Sl. No.9) at their respective places, will be issued separately.

3. The remaining Members (Sl. Nos. 1 to 7) are requested to join their respective Benches immediately.

4. This issues with the approval of Hon’ble President, NCLT

(Anupam Lahiri)

Copy to:

  1. Justice (Retd.) T Krishnavalli, Member (J)
  2. Dr. Patibandla Satyanarayana Prasad, Member (J)
  3. Shri H.V. Subba Rao, Member (J)
  4. Shri Satya Ranjan Prasad, Member (T)
  5. Shri Sameer Kakar, Member (T)
  6. Ms. Anuradha Sanjay Bhatia, Member (T)
  7. Shri Shyam Babu Gautam, Member (T)
  8. Shri L.N. Gupta, Member (T)
  9. Shri Subrata Kumar Dash, Member (T)
  10. Hon’ble Members, NCLT
  11. PS to Hon’ble President, NCLT New Delhi
  12. PPS to Secretary, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi
  13. Sh Riazul Hague, Under Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi;
  14. PS to Secretary, NCLT
  15. PS to Registrar, NCLT
  16. Deputy Registrar / Assistant Registrar, NCLT Bengaluru, Chennai, Kochi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Amravati, Guwahati, Cuttack
  17. Pay & Accounts Officer, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai
  18. The Senior Accounts officer, NCLT New Delhi
  19. NCLT Website
  20. Guard File

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