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Insolvency | Banking | Corporate Dispute Laws

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All about Indian Insolvency Laws

India’s #1 platform for Insolvency Practitioners.

IBC News:

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A new web-based resource is available to assist the professionals practicing in the area of insolvency and bankruptcy, company liquidation, merger & acquisition, valuation etc. to provide up2date information such amended laws and regulations, NCLTs, NCLAT, High Courts, Supreme Court judgments, IBBI’s & MCA’s circulars & Notifications, articles, guide and a platform where they can share his ideas and discuss about the subject matter.

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Nos. of professionals are in regular touch with us through WhatsApp groups and pages as they look to remain updated in this evolving industry. Here you can also update yourself by just scrolling down your cell phone screen. You can discuss with well expert professionals, share your views and more…..

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