RBI Report on Trend and Progress of Banking in India 2021-22 (released on 27.12.2022)

RBI Report on Trend and Progress of Banking in India

Date: 27.12.2022

Contents of the Report

Chapter I: Perspectives

Chapter II: Global Banking Developments

1 Introduction
2 Global Macroeconomic Conditions
3 Global Banking Policy Developments
4 Performance of the Global Banking Sector
5 World’s Largest Banks
6 Conclusion

Chapter III: Policy Environment

1 Introduction
2 Monetary Policy and Liquidity Management
3 Regulatory Policies
4 Supervisory Policies
5 Technological Innovations
6 Financial Markets and Foreign Exchange
7 Credit Delivery and Financial Inclusion
8 Consumer Protection and Retail Participation
9 Payments and Settlement Systems
10 Overall Assessment

Chapter IV: Operations and Performance of Commercial Banks

1 Introduction
2 Balance Sheet Analysis
3 Financial Performance
4 Soundness Indicators
5 Sectoral Bank Credit: Distribution and NPAs
6 Ownership Pattern in Commercial Banks
7 Corporate Governance
8 Foreign Banks’ Operations in India and Overseas Operations of Indian Banks.
9 Payment Systems and Scheduled Commercial Banks
10 Consumer Protection
11 Financial Inclusion
12 Regional Rural Banks 
13 Local Area Banks 
14 Small Finance Banks 
15 Payments Banks
16 Overall Assessment

Chapter V: Developments in Co-operative Banking

1 Introduction
2 Structure of the Co-operative Banking Sector 
3 Urban Co-operative Banks
4 Rural Co-operatives
5 Overall Assessment

Chapter VI: Non-Banking Financial Institutions

1 Introduction
2 Non-Banking Financial Companies
3 All India Financial Institutions
4 Primary Dealers
5 Overall Assessment


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