Request for Proposal RFP for engagement of an Asset Valuer for Strategic Disinvestment of IDBI Bank Limited

F.No. 4/2/2020-DIPAM-II-A(E-FILE)-Part(2)

Sub: Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for engagement of an Asset Valuer for Strategic Disinvestment of IDBI Bank Limited (“IDBI Bank”)

1. Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM), Ministry of Finance, Government of India invites bids/ proposals for engagement of an Asset Valuer for Strategic Disinvestment of IDBI Bank Limited (the “Bids”).

2. The complete details regarding scope of work, eligibility conditions, bid evaluation process, format for submission of technical and financial bid are mentioned in this “Request for Proposal (RFP)” Document at Schedule-B hereto.

3. The interested and eligible parties/entities, who meet the requirements prescribed under this RFP (the “Bidder” or “Bidders”), are advised to go through “Instructions to Bidders for Online Bid Submission” and submit their competitive bids/offers online through e-procurement system of Government of India (GoI) on Central Public Procurement Portal ( only. No bids/proposals will be accepted in physical/ manual mode.

4. All prospective Bidders are advised to read and understand the terms and conditions of the proposal as detailed in the RFP document before submitting their bids/proposals on the on-line portal as no change is permissible once the bid/proposal is submitted. Bid/offer documents may be scanned with 100 dpi with black and white option which helps in reducing size of the scanned document.

5. Not more than one Bid shall be submitted by one Bidder/(s) having business relationship/ affiliate relationship/ parent-subsidiary/ sister concern relationship with another Bidder. Under no circumstance will father and his son/(s) or other close relations who have business relationship with one another (i.e. when one or more partner/(s)/director/(s) are common) be allowed to bid/offer for the same contract as separate competitors. A breach of this condition will render the Bids of both parties liable to rejection.

6. The RFP document can be previewed and downloaded from Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) website as well as from the official websites of Department of Investment & Public Asset Management (DIPAM), LIC of India (LIC), the Department of Financial Services (DFS), Ministry of Finance, Government of India, and IDBI Bank, under appropriate sections.

7. The Bidder who has downloaded the RFP document from Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) website or other official websites (as mentioned above) shall not tamper/modify the Bid form including downloaded financial Bid template in any manner. In case the same is found to be tampered/modified in any manner, the Bid will be entirely rejected and Bidder shall be liable to be banned from any further engagements with DIPAM.

8. The interested Bidders are advised to visit the above websites regularly till the closing date for submission of Bids to keep themselves updated about any changes/modifications in the RFP document which will be intimated by corrigendum/addendum/amendment.

9. The Bids will be opened as per date/time as mentioned in the RFP, as modified/amended/notified from time to time. Once the Technical Bids are opened, the results of Bidders qualifying the technical criterion, as well as the date of opening of Financial Bids will be intimated.

10. The schedule of important information and timelines / crucial dates for various activities related to this RFP document is provided in Table at Schedule-A hereto.

(Amarjeet Singh)
Under Secretary, DIPAM
Tel: 011-24362085

Copy to:

1. Chairperson, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) with request to upload the RFP Document on the website of IBBI and also circulate the same amongst Registered Valuer Entities [RVEs].

2. LIC of India (LIC)

3. Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, Government of India (DFS)

4. IDBI Bank Limited


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