Section 10: Qualifications for appointment as the Chairperson of the Appellate Tribunal


The Recovery of Debts due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 1993

Chapter II

Establishment of Tribunal and Appellate Tribunal

Section 10: Qualifications for appointment as 1[the Chairperson of the Appellate Tribunal].

10. A person shall not be qualified for appointment as 2[the Chairperson of an Appellate Tribunal] unless he—

(a) is, or has been, or is qualified to be, a Judge of a High Court; or

(b) has been a member of the Indian Legal Service and has held a post in Grade I of that service for at least three years; or

(c) has held office as the Presiding Officer of a Tribunal for at least three years.



1. by s. 2, ibid., for “the Presiding Officer of the Appellate Tribunal” (w.e.f. 17-1-2000).
2. Subs. by s. 2, ibid., for  “the Presiding Officer of an Appellate Tribunal” (w.e.f. 17-1-2000).

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