Section 17: District Legal Aid Fund

The Legal Services Authorities Act,1987

Chapter V

Finance, Accounts and Audit

Section 17: District Legal Aid Fund.

17. (1) Every District Authority shall establish a fund to be called the District Legal Aid Fund and there shall be credited thereto

(a) all sums of money paid or any grants made by the State Authority to the District Authority for the purposes of this Act;

1[(b) any grants or donations that may be made to the District Authority by any person, with the prior approval of the State Authority, for the purposes of this Act;]

(c) any other amount received by the District Authority under the orders of any court or from any other source.

(2) A District Legal Aid Fund shall be applied for meeting

(a) the cost of functions referred to in section 10 2[and 11B];

(b) any other expenses which are required to be met by the District Authority.



1. by s. 13, ibid., for clause (b) (w.e.f. 29-10-1994).
2. by s. 13, ibid. (w.e.f. 29-10-1994).

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