Section 20 of Mediation Act, 2023-Registration of mediated settlement agreement

The Mediation Act, 2023

Chapter-V Mediation Proceedings

Section 20: Registration of mediated settlement agreement.

20. (1) For the purposes of record, mediated settlement agreement arrived at between the parties, other than those arrived in a court or tribunal referred mediation or award of Lok Adalat or final award of the Permanent Lok Adalat under section 21 or section 22E of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, may, at the option of parties, be registered with an Authority constituted under the said Act, or any other body as may be notified by the Central Government, in such manner as may be specified and such Authority or body shall issue a unique registration number to such settlement agreements:

Provided that the mediated settlement agreement under this section may be registered with such Authority or the body situated within the territorial jurisdiction of the court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction to decide the subject matter of dispute.

Explanation.—For the removal of doubts, it is clarified that nothing contained in this sub-section shall affect the rights of parties to enforce the mediated settlement agreement under section 27 or challenge the same under section 28.

(2) The registration referred to in sub-section (1) may be made by the parties or mediation service provider within a period of one hundred and eighty days from the date of receipt of authenticated copy of mediated settlement agreement:

Provided that mediated settlement agreement may be allowed to be registered after the expiry of period of one hundred and eighty days on payment of such fee as may be specified in consultation with the Authority or any other body referred to in sub-section (1).

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