Section 23 of Mediation Act, 2023-Admissibility and privilege against disclosure

The Mediation Act, 2023

Chapter-V Mediation Proceedings

Section 23: Admissibility and privilege against disclosure.

23. (1) No mediator or participant in the mediation, including experts and advisers engaged for the purpose of the mediation and persons involved in the administration of the mediation, shall at any time be permitted, or compelled to disclose to any court or tribunal, or in any adjudicatory proceedings, by whatever description, any communication in mediation, or to state the contents or conditions of any document or nature or conduct of parties during mediation including the content of negotiations or offers or counter offers with which they have become acquainted during the mediation:

Provided that nothing in this section and section 22 shall protect from disclosure, information sought or provided to prove or dispute a claim or complaint of professional misconduct of mediator or malpractice based on conduct occurring during the mediation.

(2) There shall be no privilege or confidentiality that will attach to—

(a) a threat or statement of a plan to commit an offence punishable under any law for the time being in force;

(b) information relating to domestic violence or child abuse; and

(c) statements made during a mediation showing a significant imminent threat to public health or safety.

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