Section 25: Fund of Centre


The New Delhi International Arbitration Centre Act, 2019 

Finance, Accounts and Audit

Section 25: Fund of Centre.

25. (1) The Centre shall maintain a Fund to which shall be credited,—

(a) all monies provided by the Central Government;

(b) all fees and other charges received during or in connection with the arbitration, conciliation, mediation or other proceedings;

(c) all monies received by the Centre for the facilities provided by it to the parties;

(d) all monies received by the Centre in the form of donations, grants, contributions and income from other sources; and

(e) the amount received from the investment income.

(2) All monies credited to the Fund shall be deposited in such banks or invested in such manner as may be decided by the Centre.

(3) The Fund shall be applied towards meeting the salaries and other allowances of Members and the expenses of the Centre including expenses incurred in the exercise of its powers and discharge of its duties under this Act.


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