Section 378S of the Companies Act, 2013: Matters to be transacted at general meeting

The Companies Act, 2013

Chapter– XXIA Producer Companies

Part- III Management of Producer Company

1[Section 378S: Matters to be transacted at general meeting.

378S. The Board of Directors of a Producer Company shall exercise the following powers on behalf of that Company, and it shall do so only by means of resolutions passed at the annual general meeting of its Members, namely:—

(a) approval of budget and adoption of annual accounts of the Producer Company;

(b) approval of patronage bonus;

(c) issue of bonus shares;

(d) declaration of limited return and decision on the distribution of patronage;

(e) specify the conditions and limits of loans that may be given by the Board to any director; and

(f) approval of any transaction of the nature as is to be reserved in the articles for approval by the Members.]


1. Inserted by the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2020, w.e.f. 11.02.2021[S.O. 644(E) dated 11.02.2021].

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