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We welcome contributors’ post on Indian Insolvency Laws & Corporate Laws including analysis on economics. The Authors who like to be Part of  IBC Laws and get their article published on our website can mail their article to us and we will publish the same with due credit to the author.

The following is an indicative list highlighting the scope of the articles:

  1. Insolvency & Bankruptcy Laws
  2. Debt Recovery laws
  3. Dispute Resolution & Litigation
  4. Companies Winding Up
  5. Arbitration Law
  6. Corporate Laws
  7. Banking Laws

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“I, (name)(qualificationsam interested in getting my article published at your website Vide the instrumentality of this mail, I submit my article titled “(title of article)” to be considered for publication. I confirm that the work represents my original contribution, and that it has not been copied or plagiarized in whole or in part from other works and if any quotes have been taken from other sources then proper citation with link of the material has been provided. The work, upon publication, becomes the property of IBC Laws and permissions for any subsequent publication, reprint, or derivative works must be obtained from IBC Laws.”

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Guidelines for Authors cum Undertaking

  • Name, address and photograph – Name, address and contact number along with qualifications with university/institute should be emailed along with the article.
  • The Author must comply his/her professional code of  ethics/conduct in his/her name, suffix, professional qualification, firm name etc. IBC Laws shall not be responsible for any misconduct.
  • The article must be original contribution of the author.
  • Copyright– It should be ensured that the article sent is original and does not infringe copyright of any person/institute, etc. In case of any such infringement, the author of article shall be personally liable for such infringement and any consequent damages. Further If a article gets published on the website than copyright of such article will vest with
  • In case contributors have any actual or potential conflicts of interests in relation to the subject matter of their contribution, that must be disclosed.
  • Consent for exclusive publication – It is to be ensured that the article is sent exclusively to IBC Laws for publication on its website (
  • The article must not have been published elsewhere, and must not have been or must not be sent elsewhere for publication, in the same or substantially the same form.
  • The IBC Laws/the Editor of the  IBC Laws has the sole discretion to accept/reject an article for publication on its website or to publish it with modification and editing, as it considers appropriate. Contributors must work with the editors to incorporate suggested revisions and comments.