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Insolvency | Banking | Corporate Laws

All about Indian Insolvency Laws

A new web-based resource is available to assist the professionals practicing in the area of insolvency and bankruptcy, company liquidation, merger & acquisition, valuation etc. to provide up2date information such amended laws and regulations, NCLTs, NCLAT, High Courts, Supreme Court judgments, IBBI’s & MCA’s circulars & Notifications, articles, guide and a platform where they can share his ideas and discuss about the subject matter.

Legal Research

We provide legal database on Indian Insolvency Laws which helps in your legal research and opinion framing.

Dashboards Concept

We categorize & provide separate dashboards for each laws topic which help in finding relevant contents in quick & professional manner.

Summary & Details Analysis

In current era, a summary is necessary to identify the relevant case laws and details content is necessary for further analysis.

Result Oriented Functions

Using latest technology in Search and filter functions & Commentary are designed in such manner to maximise professional knowledge.

What We Offer

Bare Acts, Regulations, Rules, Notifications, Circulars and other legal contents are available here.

Advance search and filter function to find any case law on the basis of Court/Forum, Act, subject, section and more functions.

Category wise dashboard such as Corporate Resolution, Winding Up, Liquidation, Personal Guarantors and many more.

Daily updates on WhatsApp, Weekly email newsletter, monthly digest in PDF format.

Topic wise Commentary containing laws and judicial pronouncement with summary of relevant case laws.

Directory work as pool among Insolvency Professionals, Registered Valuer and Advocates.

We believe that a case law becomes useful when it can be found on time in an easy way. To fulfill this, we report all judgments in three parts, Case Reference, Brief about the decision and Full text of the judgment including heading of the judgment which helpful to find the right judgment using our advance filter functions & tools.

Our Testimonials

"IBC Laws has become synonymous with the practice of IBC. The speed and accuracy with which it puts up the judgments and also hosts articles on topics and issues is indeed commendable. The journey towards achieving something is never easy! The path chosen by IBC Laws is arduous. It is fraught with competition and challenges and what will keep it going and perhaps also set it apart is, in my opinion, when it competes with itself! And each day, with proper planning and vision to implement, it emerges out to be better and better. Someone has rightly said that even the best can become better. Wishing the vibrant team, all good luck! Keep walking!"

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