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All about Indian Insolvency Laws
All about Default and Dispute Laws

IBC, Companies Act, SARFAESI & Recovery of Debt

Wide range of Subjects & Categories

Section & Sub-section wise case laws

Regulation wise Case Laws(New)

Original Judgment PDF

Extensive coverage of judgments

Corporate Debtor wise Case Laws

Case summary


Extensive search & filter functions and quick results

Search Notification & Circulars using wide parameters

Legal Contents

Interlinking of cases

WhatsApp Updates

E-maill Newsletters

Case Citation, Case Name, Counsel, judge, Date, month, year wise case laws etc.

Separate filter for important judgments

Our Case Citation are allowed in various judgments of NCLT and NCLAT, Check here. You can cite our Case Citation in your submission.

Special Features:

  • Email Newsletters
  • Monthly Case Laws Compilation (in PDF)
  • Updates on your Personal WhatsApp No.(Complimentary)
  • Access of updates send on WhatsApp Groups with summary of case laws, full text, legal contents, notifications and circulars
  • Legal Contents
  • Section wise, sub-section wise case laws
  • Separate filter for important/landmark Case Laws with forum wise such DRAT, NCLT, NCLAT, HC & SC etc.
  • Reporting Case Laws in three section: 1. Case Reference 2. Brief about the Decision(of relevant judgments only) and 3. Full text of the judgment and Heading. Brief about the decision (summary, no lecture) help in selection of case laws.
  • Date, month, year wise case laws filter function
  • Details case reference to identify a case law
  • Case Citation, Case Name, Counsel, judge etc.
  • Extensive search, filter functions and quick results.
  • Extensive subject/category wise filter which helps to find case laws in grouping.
    For example: There are five categories for CIRP case laws in Subject Functions:

    • CIRP-I: Initiation of CIRP, Common issues etc.
    • CIRP-II: IRP/RP Appointment, Moratorium, Public Announcement, Claim etc.
    • CIRP-III: CoC constitution, meetings, voting etc.
    • CIRP-IV: Conduct CIRP, Time Limit, Co-Operation, Affairs, assets, bank guarantee etc.
    • CIRP-V: EOI, Memorandum, Resolution Plan, After Resolution Plan issues etc.

    Further, sub-categories/sub-subjects of the above as under (sample of some sub-subjects):
    Case laws-

    • on Dispute
    • on pre-stage/impleadment/intervention of third party
    • on moratorium, CIRP withdrawal, CIRP time line, default limit u/s 4 etc.
    • on authorization of filing application
    • on notice to Corporate Debtor
    • on Rent/lease issue
    • on belated, disputed claims
    • on IRP/RP appointment, removal, fee, CIRP cost etc.
    • on CoC authorized presentative
    • on Home Buyers/ Group Insolvency/Reverse CIRp
    • on cases arises after approval of Resoution plan
    • on resolution plan modified, security deposit, withdrawal, revised, implement etc.
    • Liquidation claim, sale of assets, time, distribution etc.
    • Payment to dissenting Financial Creditors, Operational Creditors, Secured Creditors
    • on PUFE(Preferential, Undervalued, Fraudulent, Extortionate] Transactions etc. and more….

and more features….

  • Coverage:
    • Bare Act- Full section can be read just in one selection
    • Rules & Regulations
    • Notification & Circulars
  • Chapter wise Sections, Rules, Regulations, Notifications, Circulars, Reports etc.
  • Quick Section Search & Read function
  • Extensive Dashboard for Notification & Circulars where Act wise, Section wise, Year wise and other parameters wise Notifications & Circulars available.
  • One search function for other ADR bare acts.
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IBC & Companies Act

iPlan-1 Insolvency Module

Unlimited Access of Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016 and Companies Act, 2013(Compromise or Arrangements and winding up)

Insolvency module Full Access


Price: Rs. 5,500/- Single User/year

Best for Professionals

For Professionals

SARAFESI & RDB Act, 1993

iPlan-2 Debt Recovery Module

Unlimited Access of SARFAESI Act, 2002 & Recovery of Debts and Bankruptcy Act, 1993

Debt Recovery Module Full Access


Price: Rs. 2,000/- Single User/year

Best for Professionals

For Professionals

IBC, Companies Act, SARAFESI & RDB Act, 1993

Combo iPlan-3 Insolvency Module & Debt Recovery Module

Unlimited Access of Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016, Companies Act, 2013(Compromise or Arrangements and winding up), SARFAESI Act, 2002 & Recovery of Debts and Bankruptcy Act, 1993

Insolvency & Debt Recovery Module Full Access

iPlan-3 Combo

Price: Rs. 7,000/- Single User/year

Best for Professionals

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iPlan-4 Insolvency Bulletin

Access full contents sharing on Social Platform including WhatsApp Groups, Email Newsletter

Social & Email Newsletter Bulletin

Price: Rs. 125/- per month

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All about Indian Insolvency Laws
“A Case Law becomes useful in your practice when you find it on time.” – Editor

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Case Laws

Check Guide on Case Laws Search

IBC Laws Case Laws Search Guide Part I

IBC Laws Case Laws Search Guide Part II

We provide a single page Dashboard for all contents on Corporate Resolution, Pre-packaged Insolvency, Personal Guarantors Insolvency, Liquidation, Winding Up, Insolvency Professional guidelines, IPA, Case Laws etc., all in one page.

Case Laws


Reporting structure and Current Status of a case

Reporting of all case laws in three sections: Case Reference, Brief about the Decision and Full text of the judgment. In  Case Reference section, status of a case likewise set aside, appeal dismissed, upheld etc. is also provided with interlinking of impugned order/judgment or subsequent judgments duly with case citation. Brief about the decision section contains summary of the case laws in few lines which helps to find right case laws in short time.
Apart from NCLT, NCLAT, High Courts, Supreme Court case laws, IBC relevant case laws of other forums such Securities Appellate Tribunal, PMLA-AT etc. are reported in in IBC Case Laws Module.

Case Laws

Wide range of Subject & Sub-subject categories

Case Laws

Result oriented, quick result of Search & Filter functions

Both main bar and search function work without any “Search” button, means select and just find results. Even case name, subjects, section etc. are being populated at the time of typing case laws.

Result contains heading, summary, case reference to identify whether a case law right for your case or not.

Decoding the Code



How we update you

Our Testimonials

“The A to Z of insolvency & bankruptcy. When IBC Laws was started, I really wondered whether there was a need for a new website exclusively devoted to IBC matters. But IBC Laws more than held its own against more established players, rapidly carving out a niche for itself in the crowded blog space. Today, it is the go-to site for all judicial pronouncements relating to IBC. I have found the reporting to be quite accurate. After all, without accuracy, even the best reporting website is useless. It also offers a very powerful suite of tools for advanced query functions. I really wish the IBC Laws team all success in future."
Justice Rajasekhar VK
Former Member (Judicial) NCLT Mumbai, Kolkata, Cuttack & Allahabad Benches
“IBC Laws is the perfect one stop solution for any query pertaining to Insolvency. Our GIP students have been consistent readers of IBC Laws, enabling them to stay abreast with all the latest developments and enhancing the learning process as an Insolvency professional. I wish IBC Laws Team all the best.”
Dr. Neeti Shikha
Head, Centre for Insolvency and Bankruptcy Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, MCA, Govt. of India
“IBC Laws has become synonymous with the practice of IBC. The speed and accuracy with which it puts up the judgments and also hosts articles on topics and issues is indeed commendable. The journey towards achieving something is never easy! The path chosen by IBC Laws is arduous. It is fraught with competition and challenges and what will keep it going and perhaps also set it apart is, in my opinion, when it competes with itself! And each day, with proper planning and vision to implement, it emerges out to be better and better. Someone has rightly said that even the best can become better. Wishing the vibrant team, all good luck! Keep walking!”
Adv. CS Dr. Mamta Binani
Past National President (2016) of The ICSI & India's First Registered Insolvency Professional
“IBC Laws is perfect encyclopedia for Insolvency Code and has helped me remain abreast with latest developments.”
Adv. Nipun Singhvi
FCA, LCS, LLB, LLM, B.Com. (Hons.), BCCD, Independent Director (MCA) Past Member of World bank, Insolvency Group on "Train the Trainers" jointly with IBBI, and IPA of all three institutes ICAI, ICSI & ICMAI.