Instructions for joining Video Conferencing for hearing the cases before NCLAT


The parties may note that, for the present, the matters shall be heard by the Hon’ble Bench through web-based video-conferencing system on the ‘CISCO Webex Meeting’ platform.

It may be further noted that the smooth functioning of the video-conference is squarely dependent upon and subject to the connectivity [signal strength/bandwidth] available at the end of the remote user(s), and hence it is expected that any party joining a hearing through video-conference shall ensure that robust connectivity and bandwidth are available at their end. In this regard, parties may use broadband connection of minimum 2 Mbps/dedicated 4G data connection.

The parties may also ensure that no other device or application is connected to or using the bandwidth when the hearing by video-conferencing is progressing on their CISCO Webex-enabled computer (preferable) or mobile.

For ease-of-use, parties may kindly note the following Procedure in respect of hearing of cases through video conferencing mode:

1. After publication of cause list, a link for video conferencing will be provided in the Cause List.

2. Upon clicking the “Join” button, the party would be prompted to enter the display name wherein the party is required to write his/her name with designation by prefixing item no. (of the cause list) in the space given i.e.: ITEM NO. 1 – ABC – Appellant OR ITEM NO. 1 – DEF – Respondent OR ITEM NO. 1 – GHI- PARTY-IN-PERSON, as the case may be, and thereafter the party is required to click on the “JOIN” button.

3. Upon having joined the Courtroom in virtual mode, the arguing counsel shall introduce himself/herself to the Hon’ble Bench and thereafter, shall wait for the instructions from the Hon’ble Bench. On being asked, the party may make submissions and on completion of the submissions, shall at once ‘mute’ the MIC of the respective device. If the Hon’ble Bench requires the party to make further submission(s), the party may then ‘unmute’ the MIC of the device and again, on completion of the submission, put the MIC on ‘mute’ mode.

4. It is important for the parties to remember to keep their MIC on ‘mute’ at all times, except when the Hon’ble Bench requires them to make submission(s). Thus, when one party is making submissions, it is imperative that all other participants shall keep their respective MIC muted failing which the possibility of MIC catching audio feed from the speakers and creating `echo/noise disturbance’ would become very high and may disturb the video conference.

5. It may be noted that simultaneous submissions by more than one party at any given time should be avoided and each party may indicate their requirement to speak/submit by seeking permission from the Hon’ble Bench, by raising hand. Once permitted by the Hon’ble Bench, the party shall first ‘unmute’ the MIC and thereafter make submissions.

6. During the course of hearing through video-conferencing, the parties may kindly keep in mind that they are participating in COURT PROCEEDINGS, and hence it is expected that they would not resort to any indecorous conduct or dress or comment. Further, the parties are required to ensure that the proceedings by video conference are neither recorded/stored nor broadcasted, in any manner whatsoever, as recording/copying/storing and/or broadcasting, by any means of the hearings and proceedings before the Tribunal is expressly prohibited. A breach of this rule shall, apart from entailing penal consequences, render such recording inadmissible in any court proceedings.

7. Parties are required to stay online (but in MUTE mode) till the Hon’ble Bench concludes the hearing of their matter, whereafter the parties may disconnect from videoconference.

8. The appearance slips may be sent at the following e-mail addresses: –

Principal Bench  
Chairperson’s Court
Court No. 2
Court No. 3
Court No. 4
Chennai Bench  
Court No. 1

9. The Competent Authority has been pleased to direct that the Ld. Advocates could wear “plain white-shirt/ white–salwar-kameez/ white saree, with a plain white neck band” during the hearings before the NCLAT through virtual mode.

10. For any technical support Parties may contact the following during the office hours on working days:

VC Support

Principal Bench, New Delhi Tel.: 011-24306820 E-mail ID:
Chennai Bench, Chennai Tel.: 044-28880500 E-mail ID:

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