Section 14: Objects of Centre


The New Delhi International Arbitration Centre Act, 2019 

Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings of Society

Section 14: Objects of Centre.

14. The objects of the Centre shall be,–

(a) to bring targeted reforms to develop itself as a flagship institution for conducting international and domestic arbitration;

(b) to promote research and study, providing teaching and training, and organising conferences and seminars in arbitration, conciliation, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution matters;

(c) to provide facilities and administrative assistance for conciliation, mediation and arbitral proceedings;

(d) to maintain panels of accredited arbitrators, conciliators and mediators both at national and international level or specialists such as surveyors and investigators;

(e) to collaborate with other national and international institutions and organisations for ensuring credibility of the Centre as a specialised institution in arbitration and conciliation;

(f) to set up facilities in India and abroad to promote the activities of the Centre;

(g) to lay down parameters for different modes of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms being adopted by the Centre; and

(h) such other objectives as it may deem fit with the approval of the Central Government.


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