Mediation Act, 2023-Section wise Bare Act

The Mediation Act, 2023

Chapter-I Preliminary

Section-1 Short title, extent and commencement

Chapter-II Application

Section-2 Application
Section-3 Definitions

Chapter-III Mediation

Section-4 Mediation agreement
Section-5 Pre-litigation Mediation
Section-6 Disputes or matters not fit for Mediation
Section-7 Power of court or tribunal to refer parties to Mediation

Chapter-IV Mediators

Section-8 Appointment of Mediators
Section-9 Preference of Parties
Section-10 Conflict of interest and disclosure
Section-11 Termination of mandate of Mediator
Section-12 Replacement of Mediator

Chapter-V Mediation Proceedings

Section-13 Territorial jurisdiction to undertake Mediation
Section-14 Commencement of Mediation
Section-15 Conduct of Mediation
Section-16 Role of Mediator
Section-17 Role of mediator in other proceedings
Section-18 Time-limit for completion of Mediation
Section-19 Mediated settlement agreement
Section-20 Registration of mediated settlement agreement
Section-21 Non-settlement report
Section-22 Confidentiality
Section-23 Admissibility and privilege against disclosure
Section-24 Termination of Mediation
Section-25 Cost of Mediation
Section-26 Proceedings of Lok Adalat and Permanent Lok Adalat not to be affected

Chapter-VI Enforcement of Mediated Settlement Agreement

Section-27 Enforcement of mediated settlement agreement
Section-28 Challenge to mediated settlement agreement
Section-29 Limitation

Chapter-VII Online Mediation

Section-30 Online Mediation

Chapter-VIII Mediation Council of India

Section-31 Establishment and incorporation of Mediation Council
Section-32 Composition of Council
Section-33 Vacancies, etc., not to invalidate proceedings of Council
Section-34 Resignation
Section-35 Removal
Section-36 Appointment of experts and constitution of Committees
Section-37 Secretariat and Chief Executive Officer of Council
Section-38 Duties and functions of Council
Section-39 Monitoring and Reporting

Chapter-IX Mediation Service Providers and Mediation Institutes

Section-40 Mediation Service Provider
Section-41 Functions of mediation Service Providers
Section-42 Mediation Institutes

Chapter-X Community Mediation

Section-43 Community Mediation
Section-44 Procedure for Community Mediation

Chapter-XI Miscellaneous

Section-45 Mediation Fund
Section-46 Accounts and Audit
Section-47 Power of Central Government to issue directions
Section-48 Power to frame Schemes or Guidelines
Section-49 Mediated settlement agreement where Government or its, agency, etc., is a party
Section-50 Protection of action taken in good faith
Section-51 Power to make rules
Section-52 Power to make regulations
Section-53 Laying
Section-54 Power to remove difficulties
Section-55 Provisions of Act to have overriding effect on mediation or conciliation contained in other laws
Section-56 Act not to apply to pending proceedings
Section-57 Transitory provision
Section-58  Amendment in Indian Contract Act, 1872
Section-59  Amendment in Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
Section-60  Amendment in Legal Service Authorities Act, 1987
Section-61  Amendment in Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996
Section-62  Amendment in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006
Section-63  Amendment in Companies Act, 2013
Section-64  Amendment in Commercial Courts Act, 2015
Section-65  Amendment in Consumer Protection Act, 2019


First Schedule of Mediation Act, 2023
Second Schedule of Mediation Act, 2023
Third Schedule of Mediation Act, 2023
Fourth Schedule of Mediation Act, 2023
Fifth Schedule of Mediation Act, 2023
Sixth Schedule of Mediation Act, 2023
Seventh Schedule of Mediation Act, 2023
Eighth Schedule of Mediation Act, 2023
Ninth Schedule of Mediation Act, 2023
Tenth Schedule of Mediation Act, 2023

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