India International Arbitration Centre Act, 2019 – Bare Act

The India International Arbitration Centre Act, 2019

Chapter-I Preliminary

Section-1 Short title, extent, commencement and application
Section-2 Definitions

Chapter-II Establishment and Incorporation of India International Arbitration Centre

Section-3 Establishment and Incorporation of India International Arbitration Centre
Section-4 Declaration of India International Arbitration Centre as an institution of national importance
Section-5 Composition of Centre
Section-6 Terms and conditions etc. of Chairperson and Members

Chapter-III Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings of Society

Section-7 Transfer and Vesting
Section-8 General effect of vesting
Section-9 Liability prior to specified date
Section-10 Power of Central Government to direct vesting of undertaking in Centre
Section-11 Management etc. of undertakings
Section-12 Duties of persons in charge of management of undertakings to deliver all assets
Section-13 Certain powers of Central Government or Centre
Section-14 Objects of Centre
Section-15 Functions of Centre
Section-16 Vacancies etc not to invalidate proceedings of Centre
Section-17 Resignation of Members
Section-18 Removal of Members
Section-19 Committees of Centre
Section-20 Meetings of Centre
Section-21 Chief Executive Officer
Section-22 Delegation of powers
Section-23 Secretariat

Chapter-IV Finance, Accounts and Audit

Section-24 Grants by Central Government
Section-25 Fund of Centre
Section-26 Accounts and audit
Section-27 Assessment of assets and liabilities of undertaking

Chapter-V Chamber of Arbitration and Arbitration Academy

Section-28 Chamber of Arbitration
Section-29 Arbitration Academy

Chapter-VI Miscellaneous

Section-30 Power to make rules
Section-31 Power to make regulations
Section-32 Laying of rules and regulations
Section-33 Protection of action taken in good faith
Section-34 Power to remove difficulty
Section-35 Repeal and Savings

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